19 Jun 2018
GDPR Implementations

As ApiSpotter, we value your data. To make sure you have full control over them, we made some changes on our system.

- You can now delete all of your personal data anytime you want.
- We have updated our policies with GDPR implementations.

02 Mar 2018

- Model exporting from your endpoint response,
- You can now lock an endpoint and no one can edit it unless you unlock it.
- Swagger import implemented.
- You can now disable an endpoint, thus it will not run when you run the group.
- You can now create success rules for values of the responses.
- Webhook feature implemented.

25 Feb 2018
More features added.

- PUT, PATCH, DELETE methods are added.
- Timezone settings added.

Documentation for your API:

- Exporting your groups as PDF with all parameters and responses.
- Sharing groups and endpoints as a public URL.

11 Feb 2018
New features added.

- You can now add global parameters to groups
- Google Login and Github login integrated.
- You can now import postman collections.

01 Feb 2018
We're up and running!