Postman You can easily export and import your test group data as postman collection.


To export data from ApiSpotter, simply click the "Export For Postman" button at the left panel on group edit page. This will open a pop-up window that includes json formatted test group data for postman. You can copy this text and paste it to postman's import from text section if you like. Or you can press the "Download as file" button and download this content as file and import it to postman.

The exported data do not include your variable structure. It simply replaces values of the parameter values and names of the endpoints where variables used, with variable's value.


To import data to ApiSpotter, click the "Import From Postman" button at the top of endpoint list. This will open a pop-up window that contains a file upload for you to upload your postman data file.
Once you upload the file, system will automatically read and generate your endpoints.

* The file you're going to upload has to have a .postman_collection extension.
* The format of your exported data has to be "Collection v2" data format from postman.
* Only export and import collections to ApiSpotter. We do not support anything else.