Running an endpoint You can run endpoints in two ways:

  • Individual runs, run only the given endpoint.
  • Group runs, run the whole group and all of its endpoints.

Once you set everything up, you can run an endpoint individually with the "Run" button at the right of its panel.
Or you can run the whole group by clicking the Run button at the left section of the page.

Both individual and group runs create run reports and give you all the information. But reports of the endpoints run with a group run are connected. You can see all of the endpoint reports generated with the same group run at the left panel on the reports page.

Group runs usually takes a while, you can follow which endpoints are currently running from the Events section at right.
Canceling a group run while it's running is dangerous. We do not suggest you to refresh or change the page while a group run is on its way. This might cause false or incomplete reports.