Group Run & Reports A test group run is simply running all of the endpoints that group contains, in the given order, with variables redefined.

Test group runs and group run reports are also the base of scheduling in ApiSpotter. All of the scheduled tasks work as a test group run and generates a new group run report.
Running a test group A test group run can be performed in two ways:

  • Manual runs are the runs you perform by pressing the Run button at edit page.
  • Scheduled runs are the runs performed automatically by the system, depending on test group schedule.

The manual and scheduled runs have no difference in action. They both do the exact same thing.

In a test group run, endpoints run one by one depending on the order you put them in. This order effects variable values, since the "maker endpoint" of a variable has to run before every endpoint uses that variable's value, in order to update the value.
Group run reports A group run includes it's all endpoint's run reports. Every endpoint runs and generates a report when performing a group run. And all of these reports are connected. The success rate of a group run is calculated by the success rate of endpoint runs connected to it. If all of the endpoints run successfully and generates a green report, we consider that test group run is "all ok". If at least one of the endpoint runs fails, the whole test group run will be marked as "unsuccessful". And we let you know about it of course.

To see the list of test group runs, simply click "See Results" button on edit page of a test group.