General Data Protection Regulation


Loop Digital Incorporated, as the developers of ApiSpotter product, always considers their customers/users privacy and data protection as the main mission while developing software solutions. We do understand how important the security and privacy is, when it comes to gather and process the data on the modern internet.

With the new law of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR; effecting since May 25, 2018) data protection strength on the world wide web gained more importance. As a service that gathers information from its users, even the information of subject is very basic, we would like to put forward our GDPR implementations for individuals.

Compliance: We Work With The Best

As the base subject of this article, we understand that sharing even basic personal information with online services is a matter of trust. And when it comes to more sensitive data, such as payment details, address, etc. the trust requirement simply grows. To ensure our users has a clear conscience about their data on ApiSpotter, we make sure that we are working with the best partners and using the best technologies in order to protect their data.

On behalf of being more open: we are working with one of the best payment method providers on web, Stripe, for our sale and payment systems. We make sure that your sensitive data packed and delivered correctly to one of the most trustworthy payment managers on web.

Compliance: Control Your Data

As an individual or an organization, every bit of your data deserves privacy and control. And as a web service, we let you control your data. In ApiSpotter, we are (again) making sure that our users have full control over their personal information as GDPR comprises. You can change or remove any data of yours, anytime you want.

Compliance: Your Feedback

For any type of question, problem or feedback of yours, we are always here to listen and help. We always put your feedbacks before anything, and make sure you have a better experience on our services. This of course includes any GDPR issues.

You can always contact us from [email protected]
Thank you for using ApiSpotter.